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TooSweet Creates the Woman’s National Anthem

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, NV — April 28, 2016 —

Hot new artist TooSweet is making a lot of noise with her new hit single “Grown Woman (Anthem).” A motivating up beat tempo that will have audiences dancing while embracing the fact that they are grown women, they and do not have to lower their standards to be happy or successful.TooSweet writes her music based off of events that have happened in her life, and she knows that most people can relate.She says of her style, “Everyone has that good motivating song when they’re happy or sad.” While one fans noted, “I’ve been really captured by this one which is called ‘Dance Floor.’ I really like it!! I hope my support will help you and soon I’ll listen to your new music!”.......To read more of this article click the following link

TooSweet won the Akademia Award for her song " Grown Woman (Anthem) " for best R&B/ Soul in 2016

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She's a new kind of R&B / soul artist - thoughtful, multi-talented and confident. With her debut radio single ‘Grown Woman’ running up the charts, TooSweet is in a unique position to re-define the genre.

Generally speaking, R&B / soul artists are highly dependent on strong lyrics and pure musicianship to succeed in the market, and TooSweet is well-positioned to excel in this regard. Perhaps that's why critics had this to say about the R&B / soul artist's award-winning work: ‘Grown Woman' is alluringly feminine in contour but unabashedly aggressive in romantic ambition - an intoxicating prospect to any daring man.’

Now that her new radio single ‘Grown Woman’ is catching fire on radio, it's clear that we'll be hearing a lot more of her. Reporter Lauren Scott recently caught up with TooSweet to learn more about this intriguing new R&B / soul artist and what inspires her to create her music. TO READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE LINK THE LINK